Because of the massive shelling of Ukraine, Truss will demand to convene NATO leaders

British Prime Minister Liz Truss on Tuesday will appeal to the leaders of the “Big Seven” (G7) with an appeal to remain steadfast in their support for Ukraine and ask for an urgent meeting of NATO leaders.

Source: Downing Street, Reuters

Details: The UK has said Russian missile strikes against civilian areas in Ukraine are unacceptable, and Truss said the G7 virtual meeting, which Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will also join, is a chance to reaffirm unity in opposition to the Russian invasion.

“No one wants peace more than Ukraine. And for our part, we should not waver one iota in our determination to help them (Ukrainians – ed.) find it (peace – ed.),” Truss is expected to say this on meeting, according to excerpts released by her office.

In addition, Truss will say that Ukraine’s military success was partly facilitated by military and humanitarian assistance from the international community, as well as the impact of sanctions on Russia.

She will stress the need to maintain sanctions and ask for a full-fledged meeting of the leaders of NATO military alliance member countries in the coming days.


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