Currently, the Ministry of Culture does not plan to dismantle the Shchors monument in Kyiv

As part of decommunization, the “Friendship of Peoples” monument and other communist monuments were demolished in Kyiv, but the monument to the Bolshevik military leader Mykola Shchors was not.

In order to legally dismantle the Shchors monument, it must be removed from the State Register of Immovable Monuments of Ukraine.

However, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy has not yet removed the Shchors monument from the state register.

This was reported by the Ministry of Culture in response to an information request by the capital publication “Big Kyiv”.

The monument, located on Shevchenko Boulevard, should be subject to decommunization, but is protected as an art monument of national importance.

“The Shchors monument (…) as a monument of monumental art of national importance is entered in the State Register of Immovable Monuments of Ukraine (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 03.09.2009 No. 928, security No. 260055-Н),” it says messages


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