Experts appreciated the proposal of the State Duma to freeze OSAGO for mobilized

The experts interviewed by Izvestia assessed the proposal of the State Duma deputies to suspend the CMTPL policies or compensate part of the costs for them for mobilized or volunteers participating in the SVO.
Judging by the details: insurance companies insist on OSAGO repairs with used spare parts
Why companies ask to extend the repair period and allow the use of old components

Now there is no mechanism that suspends the OSAGO policy, but the car owner can apply to the insurer with a request to terminate the contract. Thus, he can return part of the insurance premium for the unexpired term of the contract, the press service of the Russian Union of Motor Insurers (RSA) said.

At the same time, according to the law, the company withholds 23% of the amount paid and sends it to the PCA compensation funds, as well as to conclude and support the contract.

The experts considered that withholding part of the money paid by the mobilized car owners for the OSAGO policy was unfair and suggested other solutions to the problem. Thus, Anton Shaparin, vice-president of the National Automobile Union (NAS), considers it more logical to have a scheme in which, in this case, insurance is automatically extended for the duration of the call of the car owner.

Thus, after demobilization, the motorist will receive a new policy for a period equal to the mobilization when contacting the insurance company. Shaparin noted that a corresponding proposal is being prepared now and will be sent to the RAMI and the Central Bank in the near future.

It is unfair to deduct 23% of the cost of the policy from the insurance company if the motorist is called up as part of partial mobilization, the lawyer of the movement of motorists “Freedom of choice” Sergei Radko also considered. According to him, the contract is terminated not at the own will of the car owner, but due to circumstances that do not allow the use of the car.

“I think if the need to terminate the OSAGO contract is caused by the call of the vehicle owner to the service, compensation for the unused period of insurance should be made in full, without additional deductions,” Radko concluded.


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