Papin knocked out Prashovich at the REN TV Fight Club tournament

Russian Alexei Papin knocked out Montenegrin Dilan Prashovich at the REN TV Fight Club tournament. The event takes place on May 27 in Omsk. The broadcast is broadcast live by the REN TV channel.

The reason for this was a powerful blow to the liver, which he received in the first round. Prashovich could not recover. After the fifth knockdown, he did not get up.

Thus, Papin won by technical knockout.

Prior to that, at the tournament, fighter Mikhail Mokhnatkin won a duel against Islam Karimov, Pavel Shulsky defeated pop-MMA fighter Bruce Khlebnikov by technical knockout, and Alexei Tishchenko defeated ex-WBA world champion Venezuelan Nekhomar Sermeno on points.

Earlier, on May 27, boxer Mikhail Aloyan shared his expectations from the fight between Papin and Prasovic. According to Aloyan, the confrontation between the athletes should become aggressive, as both of them will try to move forward.

On May 26, Papin himself promised that the fight with the boxer from Montenegro would be bright.

On May 24, Papin urged Prašović to “hug” less in the upcoming fight. According to the Russian, his opponent abuses a technique called the clinch, when the fighter presses tightly against the opponent and “hugs” him. At the same time, he called Prashovich a good boxer.

A day earlier, the Montenegrin athlete said that he had a lot of experience in boxing, and also expressed confidence in his victory. Papin, in turn, stressed that the audience is waiting for a spectacular fight.

34-year-old Alexei Papin has 13 wins and one loss in professional boxing. 27-year-old Dylan Prashovich has 15 wins and two losses.

The REN TV channel broadcast the tournament live. The special guest of the evening was the musician, poet and rap artist Misha Mavashi.

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