Pentagon: U.S. to supply Ukraine with HIMARS munitions as part of new $725 million aid

The US Department of Defense announced that Washington will transfer ammunition for the American HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems and 23,000 artillery shells to Kyiv as part of a new $725 million military aid package, RIA Novosti reports.

The new package includes additional HIMARS ammunition, 23,000 155mm artillery shells, 500 high-precision 155mm artillery shells, and remote anti-tank mining systems, the Pentagon said. .

In addition, the United States will transfer five thousand anti-tank guns, HARM high-speed anti-radar missiles, more than 200 vehicles, small arms, other weapons and ammunition, as well as medicines to Kyiv.

Earlier it became known that US President Joe Biden instructed the State Department to allocate additional military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of up to $725 million.

Prior to this, Reuters wrote that the new US aid package would include Humvee armored vehicles and ammunition.


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