Zelensky on visas for Russians: If Europe is deaf, there will be no peaceful Europe

President Volodymyr Zelensky warns that if Europe is “morally deaf” on the issue of restricting entry for Russians, then “there will be no peaceful Europe.”

Source: President’s Evening Address

Details: Zelensky stressed that “the issue of restricting European visas for Russian citizens should finally be settled.”

Direct speech: “I think it’s humiliating for Europe when it’s just viewed as one large boutique or restaurant. Europe is a territory, first of all, of values, not primitive consumption. And when citizens of a state that wants to destroy European values ​​use Europe for their own entertainment or shopping, for the relaxation of their mistresses, while they themselves work for the war, or in order to simply silently wait out the immoral fall of Russia, which is happening right now, then this is completely contrary to what Europe was uniting for in general.

The goal of European unification was to maintain peace on the continent, to work for the peaceful and democratic development of European countries. Europe cannot become morally deaf. And none of the European leaders will write off the fact that money supposedly does not smell like the consequences of covid.

If there is such deafness, if there is such a loss of the ability to distinguish the smell of blood on banknotes, then there will be no Europe, there will be no peaceful Europe.”

Details: The President thanked those Europeans who understand that “during the war, the duty of any just normal person is to fight for the aggressor to lose, for the occupation to end, for the Russian military to leave the Ukrainian land.”

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