3D scanning helps improve carrot harvesting in France

The French company Agri Techni Concept specializes in the production of agricultural and forestry machinery. Based in Sore, the company develops solutions adapted to the harvest of carrots and potatoes.

For several years now, the company has been relying on 3D technology, including Artec3D’s 3D scanning solution, repairing its machines and adapting it to increase productivity. Artec Leo 3D Scanner now allows you to quickly and easily reproduce spare parts, even if plans for their production no longer exist.

Adapted equipment is needed to ensure a good yield of Landes sand carrots. Vegetables must be perfectly cleaned directly in the field so that they can later be processed in the plants in the best conditions.

Based on 3D scanning technology, Agri Techni Concept has realized that it can improve the performance of its machines and thus increase their productivity and efficiency. After working with CADvision, the company invested in the Artec Leo mobile 3D scanner, known for its autonomy and data collection capability. Thanks to the 3D scanner Agri Techni Concept can make the necessary changes to your machines.

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