Bitcoin has recorded a record nine-week decline streak

The price of the first cryptocurrency for the first time in history fell for the first nine weeks in a row. Prior to this, the record series did not exceed seven weeks.

As many have mentioned, it looks like the Bitcoin price will decline for 9 consecutive weeks. The largest ever number of consecutive week on week declines

The previous high was 7 weeks, ending 12 Jan 2015

There are also 3 periods of 6 weeks on week consecutive price declines
— BitMEX Research (@BitMEXResearch) May 29, 2022

According to BitMEX Research observations, a wave of six consecutive weekly red candles was observed three times.

From March 21 to May 29, Bitcoin fell by 37.2% – from $46,864 to $29,449 (data from Bitstamp). At the time of writing, the asset is trading at $30,585.

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