Disassembly of Orlan-10: cheap Chinese electronics are used to produce Russian drones

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have shot down more than 700 racist drones. Most often, these are drones “Orlan-10”, the most popular in Russia. Their Russians have about two thousand pieces.

Despite the fact that the Russian military says that the Orlan-10 has protection against “mobile silencers”, this is not true. Otherwise, the Ukrainian Armed Forces would not have landed so many Russian drones. The reason for the lack of silencers may be corruption, and this is confirmed by the fact that a criminal case was opened for stealing 446 million rubles during the procurement of drones.

Another reason for such low quality drones is the use of cheap Chinese components in their production. In particular, instead of cameras there is just a camera, thermal imaging modules and parts of a plastic bottle.

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