HTC’s first flagship smartphone from 2018 is ready for release: what is known about it

The fact that the future novelty has not been canceled, as already suggested in the network, it became known from the data of the Dutch body for certification of mobile devices Telefication. It was reported that the phone with the model number HTC 2qbk200 is ready for release. The presentation should thus take place in the near future.

Interesting in the network there are accurate images and even photos of the real iPhone 14 Pro with the screen on
The first flagship

It is worth noting that the new flagship of the company will be the first since the HTC U12 +, released in 2018. After falling in popularity and, as a result, revenue from the mobile market, the manufacturer sold most of its smartphone business to Google and has since released only mid-range smartphones in selected markets.

Telefication did not share details about the characteristics of the new smartphone. There is no data on the design. The company has almost fallen out of sight of insiders who love to leak information in advance, almost nothing is known about this smartphone.
Earlier, in March, it was known that it will run on the Android operating system.
This information was later confirmed by HTC Viva Asia-Pacific CEO Charles Huang.
He once announced the release of the gadget in April, but plans have changed. Sources say the reason is supply chain problems caused by another outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown in China.
It is also reported that the novelty will focus on augmented and virtual reality applications, and will also support deep integration with its own open source metaverse platform, called Viveverse.
It is reported that the phone will be connected to the company’s Vive Flow VR headset and may launch augmented reality applications.

Details of the new flagship are expected to appear in the coming days.


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