In what situations should Windows 10 be reset to factory settings

Windows 10 is famous for its stability – it is really very difficult to break it and you need to try hard so that the operating system takes off and stops loading. But there are circumstances when a factory reset solves the problem. Let’s talk about such situations in more detail.

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It is very difficult to infect Windows 10 with viruses. You need to disable all built-in protections and deliberately launch a file with a virus. But there are situations when malicious software masquerades as “good”. For example, you needed a video editing program and you downloaded the best one from the site that opened in the search results.

The program managed to infect your PC with a virus, perhaps you yourself gave it elevated rights to work in the system. It is impossible to insure against 100% of viruses on Windows – even the presence of an antivirus does not provide any guarantees.

If viruses are often detected in Windows 10, then it is better to reset the system to factory settings – it is possible that the malicious code has settled in the system itself and will not go away. And if you have caught an encryption virus at least once, it is better to reinstall the OS from scratch altogether.The registry was damaged

Microsoft does not recommend modifying the Windows registry, even though it is editable. If your PC is experiencing registry-related errors, practice shows that the best way is to simply reset Windows to factory settings. By the way, all registry cleaners are also not recommended by Microsoft and me personally — too many things can be created in the registry.

The computer often shows the screen of death

BSOD is a rare phenomenon on Windows 10, but it does happen. Yes, you can look at the code and error message and try to fix the problem, but it doesn’t always work. The best solution for frequent BSODs is to reset the operating system.

But if clean Windows starts to show you a blue screen, then you need to dig into hardware problems with the hardware of the computer. I had this when the RAM was not fully inserted into the slot and the contact was periodically interrupted.
Problems with drivers and new devices

In fact, there was a situation where Windows picked up the wrong driver for an external USB sound card. The system did not allow installing the native driver – there was an inscription that the best driver was already installed. Only resetting the system to factory settings helped.

Also, if the computer does not detect new devices or not the first time, perhaps a system reset will help to avoid such problems.
Your Windows was installed a long time ago

Windows 10 may work fine for years, but that doesn’t mean the system will perform better over time. The system accumulates various errors and data that must be cleaned periodically. The best way is to reset the OS to its original state. The plus of this method is that you do not need to reinstall the system, and the accumulated problems will simply go away and you will get a clean PC.

Updates will also be removed during the reset – this will avoid errors that may have occurred during updates.
You are going to sell a computer

Save all necessary data and then delete. After that, you can reset the operating system so that the buyer cannot use your information.

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