Michael Saylor vows to continue buying bitcoin

Bitcoin remains an asset free from government and corporate interference, inspiring confidence “in this uncertain world.” This was stated in an interview with Fox News by the head of MicroStrategy Michael Saylor.

Tonight, I was on @TuckerCarlson‘s show reminding everyone that #Bitcoin is the most certain thing in a very uncertain world. In a market full of chaos, sound, and fury, people need a safe place to stand, apart from the intervention of a government, agency, or corporation.

According to the head of MicroStrategy, the markets have entered bearish territory – bonds act as currency derivatives, losing their value along with stocks in conditions of high inflation.

The top manager noted that in an extremely emotional market, an investor needs the protection that the first cryptocurrency can give him.

“Two years after the crisis began, the money supply in the United States increased by 36%. Gold has risen in price by 7%. The S&P index rose 29%, the Nasdaq index – 19%. Bitcoin added 229% in price. If you can digest volatility, you are looking to the future, you have a safe haven there. Bitcoin is a fair, open, peer-to-peer network with the promise to anyone who wants to join that what you have is yours and no one can take it away,” he said.

Sailor noted that as soon as he or the company has extra money, he will invest in bitcoin:

“I will always buy. We are taking this decision very seriously. The web is only getting better. Acceptance is growing. Signals are coming from Washington about a transition to constructive regulation. The development of the Lightning Network brings us closer to Satoshi’s promise to allow everyone in the world to trade with each other at the speed of light. I will always buy at the very top […] Bitcoin is a tool for economic empowerment,” he concluded.

MicroStrategy holds 129,218 BTC on its balance sheet — almost $4 billion at the exchange rate at the time of writing. Recall that in May, Saylor announced that the company had no plans to sell bitcoins.

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