On which iPad you can install the latest Apple platform

Apple unveiled a new operating system for its iPadOS 16 at the WWDC 2022 World Conference.

It has introduced a number of innovations that, according to observers, have brought Apple tablets as close to the title of replacing a laptop as possible. A new stage manager multitasking feature, such as real-time group work, freeform, macOS Ventura, and the ability to connect an external screen while working with four iPad apps, and four new features for teamwork, including four more on the external screen.

iPadOS 16 may be tested by developers and a public beta will be available in July. Compared to last year’s iPadOS 15, the iPadOS 16 update cannot be installed on two previously supported models – the iPad Air 2, which debuted in 2014, and the iPad Mini 4, released in 2015.

The list of supported iPadOS 16 models looks like this:

  • iPad Pro – All models (1 to 5 generations)
  • IPad Air – from the third generation
  • IPad – from the fifth generation
  • IPad mini – from the fifth generation

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