Samsung has reduced the production of smartphones

Samsung will make fewer smartphones in 2022 than previously planned. This was reported by the Korean newspaper Maeil Business News.

Samsung intends to reduce the production of smartphones by 30 million units. According to insiders, if earlier the company planned to ship 310 million units by the end of 2022, now it plans to set a bar of 280 million devices. As it became known to journalists, the corporation intends to reduce the number of flagship and low-cost phones.

Experts cited high inflation and the war in Ukraine as reasons for the decline in production. “Sales of mid-range and low-priced devices are expected to be sluggish compared to last year,” said Counterpoint Research analyst Pak Gene Sook.

According to journalists, in 2017 Samsung released about 300 million smartphones. “It is difficult to communicate the official position of the company on this issue. We are monitoring the situation on the market, “said an official representative of the company during the summing up of the financial results for the first quarter.

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