TeamViewer and SAP are working to digitize logistics operations with augmented reality

In May, the world’s leading manufacturer of remote connectivity and digital solutions, TeamViewer, announced the integration of Frontline’s Augmented Reality (AR) with SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM).

It is emphasized that thanks to the augmented reality of TeamViewer Frontline, an application approved by SAP from TeamViewer and part of the SAP industry cloud portfolio, customers can now further improve the logistics processes in SAP EWM. And empower your employees by choosing AR-based vision to help increase productivity and create more efficient processes across all warehousing and logistics operations.

“Our partnership with SAP is based on a set of common goals – innovation through advanced technologies that support companies in their digital transformation. Our vision solution significantly improves input and output processes from the warehouse, which leads to faster selection, better accuracy and, ultimately, greater customer satisfaction. In addition, it reduces the time of training and adaptation of employees in a situation of high outflow of employees, “said Alfredo Patron, Executive Vice President of Business Development TeamViewer.

Integration with Frontline and SAP EWM allows companies to directly connect warehouse and logistics workers in real time with important data and information needed to perform their tasks. AR-based workflows provide step-by-step instructions to employees on smart glasses and the devices they have, allowing them to work offline, increasing the speed of assembly by an average of 10-15%, while reducing errors to almost zero. New data is transferred to the SAP EWM program instantly in the workplace, which allows you to constantly check and optimize processes, providing significant savings.

It is worth recalling that TeamViewer actively supports Ukraine in wartime and provides free licenses to Ukrainian companies. All existing customers who need to renew their subscription, as well as new users of Ukraine can get information on how to use the TeamViewer platform for free! You can leave your request and get free IT help.

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