Toshiba TV OLED X8900 received a REGZA engine based on AI

Through the most rigorous laboratory measurements and testing, the Toshiba X8900 OLED TV turns engineering into a work of art and electronics into a reliable companion, a testament to unsurpassed craftsmanship and aesthetic design.

Toshiba TV OLED X8900 Gets AI REGZA Engine

When you turn on the X8900, over 8 million self-illuminating pixels transport you right into the epicenter of the original universes of over a billion subtle, true-to-life hues, rivaling your wildest imagination.

Beneath the thin screen lies the secret weapon behind the breathtaking excellence of the X8900, one of Toshiba TV’s most outstanding creations, the REGZA engine. Real-time AI-assisted analysis and adjustment, REGZA is designed to fine-tune every single pixel down to the smallest detail, eliminate imperfections, and display the highest quality image, no matter where the scene is.

REGZA module

The X8900’s advanced screen, powered by the REGZA engine, also delivers perfect contrast: Dolby Vision, restoring every gradient of darkness and brightness with a full spectrum of natural colors, all with a fluidity that showcases the hallmarks of true world-class TV technology.

In addition to hardware that meets the highest performance standards, the X8900 is ergonomically designed to make the TV more comfortable to use. The low-reflective TV panel provides a wide viewing angle – you don’t have to sit directly in front of the screen, but you can enjoy viewing anywhere.

Toshiba TV OLED X8900

Powered by Toshiba TV’s state-of-the-art REGZA engine, paired with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technologies, the X8900 delivers every frame seamlessly with impeccable contrast, offering almost absolute perfection in terms of overall performance.

At the same time, Ultimate Motion technology makes even the most demanding motion scenes flawlessly smooth. With this top-notch feature, you can enjoy a variety of movies at home, whether it’s an exciting new TV series or a masterpiece from a world-famous director.

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