Ukrainian company Ajax Systems entered the Australian market

Ukrainian company Ajax Systems has entered the Australian market. The group specializes in the development and manufacture of security systems for premises and open spaces.


Brand products on the Green Continent will be delivered by a local distributor with 40 years of experience at NAS Australia.

The Australian partner of the Ukrainian developer was established in 1982 and has been offering the best TV and security solutions in the region ever since, ranging from equipment for receiving TV programs and installation of related systems, to security systems.

According to the Ukrainian developer’s website, the presence of such an experienced partner would allow Ajax Systems to gain a foothold in the markets of Australia and neighboring island states.

Currently, Ajax Systems is developing a market where the frequency of 915 MHz is dominant. Australia is one such region. Especially for the local public, the Ukrainian company decided to provide equipment with blue LED indicators (associated with red fire detectors on the green continent).

Ajax Systems is one of the leaders in the European market in the security systems manufacturing segment. The Ukrainian developer’s arsenal contains about fifty types of wired and wireless related products for the protection of roads and indoor premises.

Ajax Systems has a client base of 1.5 million users across all continents. Geography of service delivery More than 130 states.

Earlier, the Ukrainian developer had set foot in the US market. Brand solutions are distributed in this region by SS&SI

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