When will PS4 support stop? Answer in a new Sony report

Despite the fact that the new generation of consoles came out a year and a half ago, for most gamers, they still have the status of a miracle. This begs the logical question: how long has Sony been planning to release games on the PlayStation 4? You can not worry, there is still time.

Sony’s new business report includes information about the company’s plans to release games for PS4. According to her, the outdated console will receive new releases until 2026.
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The company predicts that by fiscal year 2025 (April 2025 – March 2026) up to 50% of releases will be released on PS5, another 30% – on PC, and about 20% – for smartphones. And there is no place for this PlayStation 4 in this chart, which allows us to draw conclusions about the timing of its decommissioning. Meanwhile, in fiscal year 2022 (until March 2023), 40% of Sony releases will be released on PS4 / PS5 – this year will be completely cross-country. And the share of PC will be 20%.

PlayStation chief Jim Ryan also said in a report that demand for the PS5 far exceeded demand for the PS4 over the same period. However, there is a problem with the supply. Sony plans to close this gap in supply and demand in 2023, and by 2024 the PlayStation 5 should be sold in gaming homes in excess of its predecessor.

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