11 million units! Massive setback for iPhone 15?

Apple iPhone 15 launch is very near, just weeks away, and the rumour mills are working overtime to out one secret after another. This is not just to please the millions of Apple iPhone fans out there, but also provide some kind of a basis, a foundation, for investors in Apple shares to go by. After all, they want to know very early whether their investment is sound and whether it will keep providing profit into the near and long-term future. And now, a report by 9to5Mac has just revealed some bad news about iPhone 15 production numbers.

Challenges with iPhone 15 Production

This might seem like a regular thing, but in reality, Apple can’t always make as many iPhones as it wants right when they’re launched. But whatever they do make, they will sell.

Recently, a well-known analyst named Jeff Pu lowered his estimate for how many iPhone 15 units will be made. He went from predicting 83 million to now saying it will be 77 million units. Pu says this drop is because there are problems with getting all the parts needed to make the phones. Even worse prediction was made. He said the numbers were also reduced because there might be fewer people wanting to buy the iPhone 15 series phones.

Reducing Production by 11 Million Units

Another report from a Japanese bank called Mizuho is adding to this story of fewer iPhones being made. Today, they changed their stand on how many iPhone 15 units will be produced. They went from thinking it would be 84 million to now saying it will be 73 million. And, as you might have guessed, the reason is the same: Apple can’t get all the parts it needs to ramp up iPhone 15 production. Mizuho also thinks that in the whole of 2023, there will be 217 million iPhones made. This is less than the 227 million they had thought earlier.

Potential Delay for iPhone 15 Pro Max

Additionally, a different report from 9to5Mac this week said that another expert, working for a big finance company, thinks that Apple might not be able to send out the iPhone 15 Pro Max until October. But the other iPhone models are still expected to be available starting on September 22.

This delay is because the iPhone 15 Pro Max is going to have a new kind of camera that can zoom in more. However, Sony, the company that makes the camera parts, can’t provide them in time for the iPhone’s launch. So, the fanciest iPhone might come out a bit later.

Colour Changes for iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max

Lastly, if you were hoping for a gold iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max, you may be disappointed. Instead, Apple is going to make them in a colour called “Titan Gray,” using a new kind of frame. The special “Deep Purple” colour is also going away, and they’ll have a new dark blue option instead.

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