5 Best Google Docs alternatives: Write and edit more efficiently with these platforms


Ever since its launch in 2006, Google Docs has offered a reliable and tool-heavy platform for writing, editing, and other text-based collaborative projects. In today’s times, it is one of the best platforms and possibly one of the most widely used text editors out there. But it is difficult to name it the best when in recent years, some really strong options have emerged that offer users a different set of features to help them write more efficiently. So, if you too are looking for the best Google Docs alternatives, Microsoft Word to Quip, here are the 5 best options you need to consider.

Microsoft Word Online

Microsoft’s answer to Google Docs was launched in 2010. Microsoft is primarily known for its offline Office Suite, but once it dipped its fingers into a cloud-based product, it quickly showcased how it can innovate. Not only it lets you sync your documents with other cloud-based services such as Excel and Powerpoint, but it can also be used in their offline counterparts. It offers real-time collaboration and co-author features for seamless knowledge sharing. Additionally, the user-friendly interface is helpful in finding the necessary tools quickly.


Quip is a free tool that offers collaboration features on all your devices, including PC, tablets, and smartphones. In terms of user interface, the app offers an intuitive and collaborative functioning. All types of documents come with a chat section where one can easily discuss about the document. Editing of the documents can be done both online and offline, while the ability to chat and discuss is only available when connected to the internet.

Zoho Writer

If you have used Google Docs, you will find Zoho Writer to be quite similar. The interface has a clean look and wider margins to give it a real paper-like appearance. While starting out, you can pick from over 500 templates and while editing you can make sure of its advanced tools. The only drawback is that learning your way through the menu can be tricky as it contains a lot of hidden menu items.


It is a lightweight app that has all the essential features that people want in an online word processor. It comes with collaborative editing, autosave, version history, comments, and more. The focus is on seamlessness and Nuclino achieves it by keeping a very simple and minimal layout. The formatting tools are not as powerful as Zoho Writer or Microsoft Office Online, but it is sufficient for most projects. It also offers a unique way of organizing your documents in a folder-tree-like structure for ease of access, something even Google Docs does not offer.


It is an open-source document editor, which means it can be self-hosted and is free to use. It offers real-time collaboration, and version history and has an integrated chat window to connect and discuss with other members easily. Alongside, it also has security features like two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption.


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