Aces of Trades: Everingham shares his passion for music at First Presbyterian in Granville – The Newark Advocate

GRANVILLE – He’s been musical since he was a child. Now, after all these years, he still is fulfilling a dream.

“Growing up I was a bookish, quiet kid,” Philip Everingham said. “I’ve been told that as a kid of 2 and 3, I would go to the piano at our house and reach up to play the keys. I think it became clear to my parents and siblings that music is what fed my soul.

“I always had the desire to play music and always dreamed of going to college and studying music,” he said. “My big dream was to be a pianist who worked with opera companies and/or teach singers in the world of academia. But I never thought as a kid I would be doing what I’m doing as a church musician. In the ’70s and ’80s, there weren’t a lot of professional musicians around me to show me how to do the music thing, so I worked to figure it out on my own.”

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