Akinremi: Keeping a date with the next level


Really, he stunned the keen watchers of democracy and political observers when he emerged as the only elected lawmaker to represent Ibadan North Federal constituency at the green chamber in Ibadan city in the 2019 elections. They were quite taken aback owing to their perception of him as a greenhorn in the Oyo body polity.

The elites know him as a business magnate, philanthropist and great social pest. He is well connected across the globe, having some of his business interests overseas, most especially, Liberia, Canada and U.S.A. respectively. Indeed, he has friends in almost all the stations in Oyo-State and beyond. So, his foray into politics in Nigeria is still strange to the bewildered populace.

However, little did they realised that he had been an active player behind the scene for almost one and a half decades. To wit, he had played major roles at electing some governors and lawmakers in Oyo-Sate via heavy personal financial contributions. Beyond Nigeria’s shores, he played similar supportive roles. For instance, he is still a household name in Liberia where he participated actively in electioneering over the years.

He was one of the few personalities that ensured the emergence of George Weah as the current President of Liberia. Could such a man be regarded as a greenhorn in politics?

His sterling performances as the lawmaker representing Ibadan North in the green chamber are quite encouraging. His sphere of influence transcended Ibadan North, but covered  the whole Ibadan land and beyond. His empowerment programmes are far reaching, covering the artisans, clerics, traders, royal fathers, students and politicians, just to mention a few. He is reputed to be the only federal lawmaker in Oyo State, who has exceeded the statutory records of empowering his constituents through trainings-viz; seminars and workshops, medical outreach and cash donations, among others. Then, his impacts on education and electricity projects are widely acknowledged. On education, he built new classrooms and renovated the existing ones in a sizeable number of schools in Ibadan North Local Government area, not to talk of academic scholarships granted the indigent students and donation of  laboratory equipment for a good number of secondary schools in the constituency. It is no gainsaying that his habitual philanthropic gestures must have prepared him for this superlative performances in the art of governance and service to mankind.

The party leaders and members alike, of APC in Ibadan North local government branch have never regretted entrusting him twice with the ticket of the party, albeit, his outstanding performances during his first tenure in office actually earned him second term ticket. No better candidate was available to deny him this chance. Honourable Olaide Akinremi’s popularity rating among his colleagues in the green chamber is reasonably high. Aside from being a detribalised Nigerian, his social inclinations cuts across all the geo-political zones in Nigeria and beyond. This earned him the membership of the National Caretaker of the APC two years ago. He played significant roles, by dint of his designation as the Director of Operations, at repositioning the party for its eventual victory at this year’s elections. Hence, he is richly endowed and imbued with the zest and ethos deserving of a competent and intelligent public administrator.  He holds Master’s degree in Public sector management and earned his first degree in Public Administration. As a first timer in the House, he was entrusted to head the committee on Science and Research institutes. Also, he is the chairman, House Adhoc Committee on Purchase, use of Arms and Ammunitions by the military and paramilitary outfits in Nigeria. These feats are hardly accomplished by first comers in the House. Perhaps his academic credentials or his good human relations worked wonders for him. No doubt, the progressive minds in the House are tipping him for a principal position in the in the incoming dispensation, ostensibly due to his good leadership traits and level headedness. Without mincing words, an achiever of his kind deserves a better deal. One popular saying is, “No position is too big or too small when service to humanity beckons.”

There is no iota of doubt, based on his competence and ability, he shall deliver on any mandate assigned to him in the green chamber. In this circumstance, the hightened speculation to the effect that the position of deputy speakership in the 10th House may be zoned to the South-West has already been tilted in his favour as a suitable occupier.

Beyond this favourable and wonderful offer, he has another superlative offer in his home state of Oyo. Several groups and individuals, including traditional rulers are vouching for his qualification and suitability as a gubernatorial candidate against all odds in 2027, God sparing our lives. Their recommendation was predicated on Akinremi’s wonderful performances in politics and governance, his winning aura, war chest, urbane nature, humility and high popularity rating among the citizens.

There is no doubt asserting that he earned this good recommendation through hardwork, accessibility and humaness. Nothing good is easily comes by, it is of no use deceiving ourselves. Left, right and centre, he is favoured to occupy a prominent position in the incoming and next political dispensation. The truth that he won his second term elections with ease attests to the incontrovertible postulate that he has been tested, trusted and guaranteed.


  • Adebiyi, a public analyst and social commentators, writes from Ibadan.



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