ANDERS FRIDÉN Doesn’t Think IN FLAMES Has Done Their Best Album Yet

In Flames just released their excellent new album Foregone, but vocalist Anders Fridén likes to believe they’ve eternally got a better one in them. In an interview with Metal Injection, Fridén said he believes Foregone is of course their best yet but that his first album with the band – The Jester Race – always holds a special place in his heart too.

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“This is the best so far. That’s to me, you know? I’m afraid of saying that because then people have that expectation that… you as a fan think that you should also think that it’s the best just because I said it’s the best. It’s just a matter of taste and opinion.

“To me, The Jester Race holds a special place. That’s my first moment with In Flames and nothing can take away that feeling and being in the band at that point. Hopefully we haven’t done our best. Hopefully our best is in the future somewhere. Maybe I feel one day ‘we can’t get better. We can’t do anything else.’ Then it’s time to let go, I guess. But I’m not there yet. I haven’t done my best show. I haven’t done my best album. We’ve gotten fairly close [laughs]”

Expanding on his previous comment, Fridén said the only way he sees In Flames ending is if guitarist and songwriter Björn Gelotte ever left the band.

“I will never give up on In Flames. Never. I mean, if Björn says ‘I’m gonna leave,’ I don’t think I’ll carry on, and I think it’s the same for him. That being said, I love the band I’m in right now and the guys [in the current lineup]. No [shade] on anyone who’s a previous member, but I don’t think we’ve ever sounded better than where we are at the moment. We’re in a good place and I hope people can hear that when they hear the album.”

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