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Taylor Swift slams Scooter Braun, ‘poisonous male privilege’ in Billboard speech

Scooter Braun, one of the world’s biggest music managers, appeared unbothered at reports this week that two of his star clients have parted ways with him.

This week, it was claimed that pop star Demi Lovato and singer, actor and West End star Idina Menzel had exited Braun’s SB projects. Sources close to both artists confirmed this to The Independent.

The Independent has contacted Braun’s representatives for comment.

Rumours have been circulating that pop singer Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, both of whom have been with Braun since they launched their debut albums, are also set to split from the 42-year-old’s management services.

However, Bieber and Braun’s representatives denied the pair were severing professional ties.

On Twitter/X on Tuesday (22 August), Braun broke his silence by poking fun at the speculation, writing: “Breaking news… I’m no longer managing myself.”


In 2020, Scooter Braun spoke about his “regrets” over the way his acquisition of Taylor Swift’s longtime label in 2019 led to a feud between the two.

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Swift previously called Braun ‘the definition of toxic male privilege in our industry’

Inga Parkel24 August 2023 21:30


Scooter Braun has famously been embroiled in a feud with Taylor Swift since 2019, when he purchased her longtime label, Big Machine Records and become the owner of the master recordings of her first six studio albums.

In November 2020, Braun sold the masters to an investment fund in a deal believed to be more than $300m (£234m).

At the time of the sale, Swift – who had wished to buy the masters herself – condemned Braun and called him a “bully” and the “definition of a toxic male privilege in our industry”.

The singer, 33, was inspired to re-record her earlier music, resulting in her ongoing Taylor’s Version series.

So far she has recorded: Fearless (Taylor’s Version), Red (Taylor’s Version) and Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).

The latest instalment 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is scheduled to arrive on 27 October.

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Inga Parkel24 August 2023 20:36


Idina Menzel is the latest to split from Scooter Braun, following Demi Lovato

In the last few days, Scooter Braun has faced what appears to be an extreme exodus of clients reportedly cutting ties with him professionally, with Idina Menzel being the latest to part ways with him.

Peony Hirwani24 August 2023 14:30


What’s going on with Scooter Braun’s artist roster? Here’s what we know and what’s still speculation

Peony Hirwani24 August 2023 13:30


Who is Scooter Braun?

In 2006, two years before he signed Justin Bieber and 12 years before Georgia implemented hands-free phone laws for motorists, Scooter Braun was juggling multiple cellular devices from behind the wheel of a purple Mercedes in Atlanta. The 23-year-old was fielding calls from venues and celebrity publicists, having forged a reputation for himself as a well-connected party promoter – an image he was trying to shed in front of the local reporter who was in the car profiling him. Then Braun was pulled over and ticketed for not wearing his seatbelt.

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Scooter Braun is said to be ‘getting out of management’, source claims

While the rumour mill has begun churning with all sorts of reports citing unnamed sources offering explanations as to what’s happening with Scooter Braun’s music managing empire, one source has claimed Braun is simply “getting out of management”.

“He has been for years. That’s the real story,” a source told Variety in a new report.

Meanwhile, another conflicting source told the outlet: “He’s imploding.

“It’s a different world since the pandemic. You just can’t be an asshole like that anymore.”

Peony Hirwani24 August 2023 12:00


List of major artists still managed by Scooter Braun

A number of clients have reportedly parted ways with Scooter Braun’s management company, SB Projects.

Below is a list of the manager’s clients, including when they signed with him.

Peony Hirwani24 August 2023 11:30


Justin Bieber is no longer working with Scooter Braun, sources claim

A new report by US Weekly claims that Justin Bieber is no longer working with Scooter Braun.

According to a source, “Justin has officially let Scooter go as his manager,” adding that the singer’s wife, Hailey Bieber, “led the charge that led Justin to leave him for another manager.”

The source also claimed that Bieber “has been taking meetings with other managers for three years.”

This update comes after Puck reported on Friday (18 August) that Bieber and Braun haven’t “spoken for months,” and their reps said that wasn’t “true.”

Peony Hirwani24 August 2023 11:00


Pharrell Williams responded to ‘unfortunate’ feud between Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun

Amid the former drama between Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun, Pharrell Williams had commented on their “unfortunate” feud.

“It’s really unfortunate, you know. There was room for him to make his acquisition because that’s just the way the business is, and I felt for her and not being able to be in control of it,” the “Happy“ singer/producer said in a 2020 interview with Variety.

“There’s a system in place that’s just all wrong. He’s a businessman and he also represents artists, so from his point of view he’s just making an acquisition of something that he felt would be a good investment. But the artist should have the opportunity [to retain ownership], and I don’t know whether she did or she didn’t.

Peony Hirwani24 August 2023 10:30


In April 2021, BTS’s record label HYBE merged with Ithaca Holdings, Scooter Braun’s company that managed former clients, including Ariana Grande.

As reported by Variety, HYBE (formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment) bought a 100 per cent stake in Ithaca Holdings through its subsidiary HYBE America.

The sale included SB Projects and its clients such as Bieber, Grande and Demi Lovato, as well as Taylor Swift’s former record label Big Machine Label Group (BMLG).

Peony Hirwani24 August 2023 10:00

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