March 10 – April 8, 2023

 This exhibition and sale invites viewers to experience the diverse terrain of the American wilderness captured by the masterful artists of the Hudson River School throughout the nineteenth century. More than 75 distinctive works will be on display, each created by a historically significant Hudson River School artist—including Albert Bierstadt, Sanford Robinson Gifford, Homer Dodge Martin, and Thomas Moran. As gallery owner Louis M. Salerno affirms, “these artists were patriots, extolling the virtues of a new world; conservationists, warning of the impending desecration of a magnificent wilderness; and poets revealing nature’s life altering truths.” 

The featured works exemplify this very sentiment. Through Albert Bierstadt’s Clear Lake, California we see the serene blue waters of one of the oldest lakes in North America. Homer Dodge Martin’s On the Hudson highlights the tranquil nature of the riverside with soft colors and lively foliage, while Sanford Robinson Gifford emphasizes the power of an impending storm through intense dark clouds and coursing waves in Storm King on the Hudson. And, in Grand Canyon, Thomas Moran captures the breathtaking scale of this magnificent natural site. As the passing of time continues to alter the country’s landscape, these paintings have remained vital pieces of our historical framework. We hope you can join us to view this exhibition in person!

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