AVENGED SEVENFOLD Tells Fans To Go Touch Grass

It all started over the weekend when Avenged Sevenfold was “hacked.” Fake cancellations for festivals were posted to their social media and an AI replicant of vocalist M. Shadows got onto the band’s podcast to read off a statement.

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Avenged Sevenfold responded that none of what everyone was seeing was true, and eventually issued a statement saying “Our accounts were compromised over the weekend and have now been recovered. Our festival appearances have not been cancelled. For the time being, please go to our Discord at the link in our bio for all future communications. Thank you for your patience.”

The games really began when the “hacker” revealed themselves to be Libad5343. Libad5343 posted a photo of themselves logged in to the Avenged Sevenfold Twitter account on a browser that also had the site Libad5343.net open. That site kept changing over the past few days to offer fans vague clues and puzzles to figure out, and now it seems it’s reached its final form – a message telling everyone to get off the computer.

So is that the end of the tease? Well, kind of. Coordinates were posted to the Avenged Sevenfold Discord account, which fans have figured out leads to The Ritz venue in San Jose, CA. One fan went to the location to see if anything was there, and shockingly there was! The marquee of the venue ow reads “Libad5343 Presents Nobody.”

Wile nothing is confirmed yet, Redditors have figure out two additional things – one of the hidden phrases along with the coordinates was “Meet at midnight on Monday,” and that “Nothing” is either the first single from the new album or the album title itself. It’s worth noting that The Ritz appears to be closed on Monday nights. So who knows what’ll happen there, if anything at all.

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Stay tuned!

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