Baker Mayfield Signs Deal With The Buccaneers

Baker Mayfield is one of those quarterbacks that always seems to catch a whole lot of flack from people around the NFL. Overall, he was a solid player for the Cleveland Browns. He took them to the playoffs for the first time in years. Moreover, he even won them a game. You would think that the team would show him a bit of gratitude. However, they did the opposite as they went all out and signed Deshaun Watson to a monstrous deal. So far, the deal has not paid off for them.

As for Mayfield, he has bounced around the league a bit. He got to play with the Carolina Panthers for a bit, although that did not go as planned. In the end, the team released him. Subsequently, he went to the Los Angeles Rams who were in need of a replacement for Matthew Stafford. Overall, Mayfield was pretty decent as a Ram but didn’t do anything special. Either way, many around the league still believes he is a competent QB. So much so that he is now poised to become Tom Brady’s replacement.

Baker Mayfield Moves Forward

According to Adam Schefter, Mayfield has officially signed a one-year deal with the Buccaneers. This contract is worth $8.5 million and for now, he is expected to be the starter. Of course, the team could choose to go out and get another QB, although that does not seem likely right now. At this point, the Bucs understand that they are in a retooling period. Bringing in an elite-level quarterback just would not make that much sense. However, this does seem like a great opportunity for Mayfield to show people that he can still play at a high level.

For Buccaneers fans, Mayfield might seem like an odd choice. That said, there are not too many quarterbacks on the market right now. They are not in a position to offer Lamar Jackson an offer sheet, and there is no one else out there. Sure, maybe Aaron Rodgers, but it seems clear that he is likely going to go to the Jets, if anywhere at all. Let us know what you think of this signing, in the comments section below.

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