Belly & Hit-Boy Drop ‘American Nightmare’ Ahead Of ‘Mumble Rap 2’

Belly has begun his retirement countdown, dropping a brand new single produced by Hit-Boy, “American Nightmare” — listen to it below.

Matching politically charged lyrics with an indictment on Instagram culture, Belly takes no prisoners as he spits: “What we’ve seen here today has been absolutely disgusting/ For the first time we’re watching a war happen somewhere the people look like you and me.”

She payin’ for collagen but she won’t pay for college (She won’t)/ I ain’t no Nostradamus, he thinkin’ he got him a goddess (He got him a what?)/ All of these model Madonnas just look like each other, I promise (Ha)/ She askin’ for Birkins, but really she twerkin’ for dollars (Ayy)/ I ain’t judgin’, I’m just bein’ honest.”

In addition to Hit-Boy, Nick Lamb and DannyBoyStyles also share co-production credits on the new single, which is set to appear on the Palestinian-Canadian rapper’s Mumble Rap 2, which he’s announced will be the first of his final three albums before retiring.

In a statement posted on Instagram on Friday (April 21), Belly proclaimed that he released “American Nightmare” on Eid al-Fitr to celebrate his cultural heritage, concluding his statement with “eid mubarak,” which means “blessed feast” and is used to wish well to other Muslims celebrating the end of the Ramadan season.

“Coming from a place that the media constantly demonizes, I wanted to express how proud I am of being not only an Arab, but someone who’s been able to set an example for young Arabs everywhere,” he wrote. “The Arabian Dream, feels like the American Nightmare sometimes but we’d rather be dreamers. It’s easy to be patient when you know what you’re destined for. EID MUBARAK.”

Belly Reacts To Nas’ Verse On His New Album

But the XO rhymer also admitted that the grind of the music industry had been starting to take its toll on him, which is why he decided that his next three albums will be his last ever.

“I love yall with all my heart, sincerely, but this industry has taken its toll on me,” he said in February. “MR2 will be the first of my last three albums ever. Mini tour for MR2 then a farewell tour after my next 2.”

Belly has released three studio albums under the XO/Roc Nation partnership with the most recent arriving in 2021 with See You Next Wednesday.

Look for Belly to hit the road for a tour following MR2‘s release. He previously teased a snippet from the LP, and in January said the project was coming “sooner than later.” It’s unclear what the next two projects will entail from a creative standpoint.

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