Ben Simmons’ Looming Fate In Brooklyn Revealed

Ben Simmons has not been very good for the Brooklyn Nets. Overall, he was supposed to turn the Nets into a big three. This big three would include Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. However, we know how that turned out. Kyrie and KD are now in the Western Conference, while Simmons is by himself on a Nets team that has completely retooled. Moreover, Simmons has not been particularly good, and the team is starting to lose patience with him. Needless to say, things have gone bad to worse for his career.

On top of all of this, Simmons has reportedly been dealing with injury problems. However, his head coach Jacque Vaughn doesn’t seem all that convinced that there is an issue. That said, there now seems to be a lack of trust between Simmons and the Nets organization. This has made everything that much worse for the Nets who could very well be looking to move on from Ben in the offseason.

Ben Simmons On The Way Out?

According to Jake Fischer of Yahoo! Sports, Simmons’ fate is pretty well sealed. It is now very likely that the Nets will try to move him, even if it isn’t easy to do. “What becomes of Simmons and the final two years and nearly $80 million remaining on his contract after this season is of course another dynamic to monitor in Brooklyn,” Fischer wrote. “The Nets are widely expected to gauge what trade market could materialize for Simmons after his disappointing campaign comes to a close. The three-time All-Star is still far from the form he exhibited during his best days in Philadelphia.”

Recently, a report came out suggesting that Simmons had no trade value right now. If that is actually true, then the Nets are in big trouble moving forward. Once the offseason arrives, it will be very interesting to see what is made of Simmons. Until then, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the sports world. Additionally, let us know which team you think might be a good fit for Simmons, in the comments down below.


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