‘Bit cheeky’: Thorpe reveals strange Senate ritual

Firebrand senator Lidia Thorpe has revealed the “cheeky” way she shows her political opponents she’s ready for action.

The former Greens senator became well known for her outspoken and combative political style since entering politics in 2020.

Since then, Senator Thorpe has come to blows in the Senate with both the Liberal Party and Labor, including over the Voice referendum.

Senator Thorpe revealed on Tuesday her political opponents learned to dread when she entered the Senate dressed in a pigtail hairstyle.

“The pigtails are a thing (…) that I do in the Senate when I’m feeling a bit cheeky,” she told ABC’s Kitchen Cabinet.

“They (the Senate) know. Michaelia Cash, you know, she‘s like, ‘uh-oh, she’s got the pigtails in today’.”

Ms Thorpe told host Annabel Crabb since entering the Senate it had become clear people didn’t like her hair.

The outspoken Victorian claimed “randoms” in the Senate would go so far as to tell her how to wear it.

But, it was Senator Thorpe’s confessions about her “weird” friendships in the halls of power that struck the TV host.

Senator Thorpe revealed she had become friends with her political opponents, including One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts – despite an antagonistic relationship with his party’s leader Pauline Hanson.

“I think he (Mr Roberts) is a real gentleman. He’s a very nice man, actually,” Senator Thorpe said.

“We have lots of good yarns. I mean, obviously we‘re not talking about climate change.

“It’s really weird. I just kind of treat it (the Senate) like the netball court, you know?

“Once I’m in that Senate, I’m there for business. And then out of the court … I’ll be your friend.”

Senator Thorpe also described Nationals senator Matt Canavan as an “old mate” and Barnaby Joyce as a “bit of a joker”.

The outspoken senator even recounted almost running into Mr Joyce on a rented scooter in the streets outside of parliament.

But, despite the jovial relationships she said she had with her political opponents, she said there was one who avoided her.

Asked about Opposition Leader Peter Dutton, Senator Thorpe said: “We’ve not met. Yeah, I think he dodges me.

“I think he’s, you know, met his match and he just can’t …. he can’t deal, you know?

“I call out to him all the time: ‘hey, Dutton. Come over and have a yarn.

“But, (Mr Dutton) doesn’t want to know me. Which is fine.”

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