Blueface Says Chris Brown & Him Are “All Love” After Brief Spat

Blueface returned to his Instagram Story to say that it was “all love” with Chris Brown after the latter dragged his name in the mud. Moreover, the R&B singer recently went on an Instagram tirade criticizing those who ‘canceled’ him for his past actions. Not only that, but he brought up Blue’s relationship with Chrisean Rock as an abusive one that people still watch. When the California rapper caught wind of Brown’s comments, he clapped back with some measured takes of his own. Overall, he said that their situations are quite different, and that he should take accountability rather than deflect blame.

However, all that seemingly resolved when Blueface posted a somewhat supportive message on his Instagram Story. “The truth could never be a dis,” he clarified, probably in reference to backlash for his comments at Brown. “I fw [Chris Brown] met cuz he’s just as player as me it’s all love but I got hit with a stray this morning.” Still not everyone was as ready to let go and hash things out calmly. Blueface’s mother called out the “Look At Me Now” star for bringing her son into this.

“Now y’all know we done been through a lot!” she expressed on Instagram. “Chris Brown should’ve kept it to them white folks. Okay? You done threw the colored folks under the bus, boy! What you doin’ over there, huh? Do you need DaMama to talk to you? You don’t throw us under the bus, you throw them other folk under the bus. You was doing good when you had them other folk under the bus. Now go on ahead and rewrite that s**t. Come on now. I know your mama told you you don’t be putting us under that bus.

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“Another thing, Chris Brown,” she continued. “Blueface used to pretend to be you as a child, okay? He was Chris Brown all the way up until he became Blueface. So, technically, you set a poor example for my son is what you did. Because maybe he just might be following behind you, okay?” Also, she captioned that last post with “@chrisbrownoffical you owe @bluefasebabyy an apology.” For what it’s worth, she does have a point. Regardless, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest on Blueface and Chris Brown.

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