Bluesky crosses 1 mn users milestone even as Threads declines

The world of Social media is getting interesting day by day as the fortunes of many platforms keep changing. While Meta’s Threads is facing a harsh active user decline, Bluesky seems to be doing the opposite. The social media platform Bluesky, created by Twitter Co-founder Jack Dorsey is performing really well as the latest statistics suggest. Bluesky has officially reached a significant milestone on September 13 and now boasts having one million users.

According to a report by TechCrunch, Rose Wang, a member of the Bluesky team, celebrated this achievement on X (formerly Twitter) by sharing a screenshot. Bluesky, unlike its competitor Threads, has limited access to the app through a waitlist and invitations from existing users, maintaining a smaller user base as it expanded. Although Bluesky had surpassed one million installs in July, it has actually hit the one million user mark now. This distinction is due to the fact that more people downloaded the app than had to wait to get the invite codes to log in. This milestone means that one million individuals were able to create accounts on Bluesky, and not just those who downloaded the app.

In contrast, Threads, Meta’s own X/Twitter competitor, employed a different strategy. It experienced a massive surge in signups on its launch day, driven by Meta’s promotion to existing Instagram users. Threads achieved an impressive 30 million signups in less than 24 hours and crossed the 100 million mark within five days. However, as we reported earlier, the Threads’ daily active users went down by a staggering 70 percent from its peak in early July, which is a massive decline if we compare it to its early success.

Possible reasons for Bluesky’s gaining popularity

Bluesky has quickly developed its own subculture characterized by surreal memes, dedicated posting, and much more. Bluesky is gaining users’ attention because of such a subculture. The other big reason for Bluesky’s surge in active users can be the X platform. It is known to all that after Elon Musk took over the X platform, Bluesky has been witnessing a huge surge in signups. In fact, Bluesky had to halt the signups due to the skyrocketing demand. While Threads and X platforms are in battle with each other, Bluesky seems to be benefiting from that. However, numbers are always uncertain. No matter how many active users Bluesky has gained, it will be really interesting to see how long it will be able to maintain its consistency and thereafter, actually manage to compete with Threads, X, Signal or Telegram.

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