Boosie Visits Vegas Location Where Tupac Was Shot

It has been decades since Tupac Shakur was killed following a drive-by. Still, fans flock to Las Vegas every year to not only enjoy Sin City but to pay respects to the fallen icon. It was in September 1996 when Shakur was with Suge Knight near the Circus Circus hotel. A vehicle pulled alongside them and opened fire. Both men were hurt in the fray, but Tupac succumbed to his injuries days later.

The controversy surrounding Tupac’s death has been an ongoing conversation in Hip Hop and law enforcement circles. It’s believed that the man responsible for killing the music icon was also a victim of violent crime. The mystery will forever haunt the culture, but regardless, fans still are drawn to the last place Shakur was before losing his life. In several posts, Boosie Badazz showed himself signing his name along with several others tagging they were there.

Boosie Poses At Site Of Tupac’s Drive-By Shooting
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Additionally, Boosie shared videos of the street and a pole that was covered in tags and stickers. Most people left their name and date with a brief message about Pac’s legacy. Others just wanted to add their names to the historic site. Someone off camera referred to Boosie as “BooPac” as the rapper looked for the best spot on the light pole to leave his mark.

The Lousiana rapper has expressed his admiration for the late star on multiple occasions. Last summer, he even defended Shakur against comments made by T-Pain. At the time, the autotune hitmaker claimed that Tupac would get “ate the f*ck up lyrically” if he were alive today and competing against current artists. This didn’t sit well with Boosie, who fired off posts on Twitter.

Boosie Defends Tupac’s Legacy

“2Pac was a great lyricist U probably wouldn’t understand him if u never been through the struggles that this world brings‼” Boosie wrote at the time. “@TPAIN I disagree ✅the lyrics n songs these days last a couple years n there gone because they don’t have meaning .The lyrics don’t touch your heart,” Boosie tweeted.

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