Bring home iPhone 13 with this price cut TRICK for just Rs. 344

If you’re in the market for a smartphone upgrade and are looking to purchase a new iPhone, chances are you’ve been scouring various online sites for potential discounts. However, online discounts can be fleeting – they come and go quickly, and are often only available for a limited time or while the stock lasts. Fortunately, there’s an even better option to get your hands on an iPhone that won’t break the bank. Amazon has a great iPhone 13 price cut right now which lets you pay just Rs. 344 a day to own the smartphone, including no-cost EMI. This way you can split the bill and pay in more affordable installments. If you’re intrigued by this new payment option, check the details.

How to buy an iPhone 13 for Rs. 344 a day

Paying for an expensive smartphone like the iPhone 13 in one single payment can be a difficult task for many. After all, Amazon has listed the 128GB variant of the smartphone at a price of Rs. 69900. However, there is an easier solution. You can instead opt for an EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) based payment option to divide the cost into multiple payments over a period of six months. And to make things better, Amazon has also introduced a no-cost EMI where you just have to pay the price of the product and will incur no interest rate on top of that. But this is not even the best part.

The best part about this EMI deal is that you get to take advantage of any flat discounts the platform is offering. Right now, the Rs. 69900 iPhone 13 128GB variant has an 11 percent discount, which brings down its price to Rs. 61999. If you take the EMI deal, this is all you have to pay for.

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As part of the EMI deal, you have to pay Rs. 10333 a month for 6 months straight to pay off the full iPhone 13 amount. This amount essentially comes down to Rs. 344 a day. This is the most affordable way to pay for an expensive gadget that is just a bit out of your affordability range. To know more about the deal, visit the Amazon product page.

Do note, you will have to pay a Rs. 199 processing fee on top of the price of the iPhone 13.

Exchange offer for iPhone 13

If you are someone who is comfortable with paying a lump sum but wants the overall amount to be lower, you can instead opt for the exchange offer. Amazon currently has an exchange deal worth Rs. 28000. All you need is to exchange your existing smartphone. The amount of discount that you can redeem will depend on the smartphone model you exchange. But if you can get the full value, you can take home the iPhone 13 for just Rs. 33999.

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