BTS member SUGA delivers a knockout rap but it is his gangster avatar that will make ARMYs hoot and whistle

BTS rapper Min Yoongi aka SUGA’s album D-DAY is out today. The video of the main track Haegeum is also out. The song is composed and written by SUGA of BTS. D-DAY is a part of his Agust D trilogy. It is supposed to be the last but we sincerely hope that he continues with it. Haegeum the title track of the album is similar to Daechwita with its strong beats, rhythm, mix of traditional music and visuals. But what is addictive is Min Yoongi aka SUGA’s performance as a gangster. The rapper, song-writer and music composer said he got a script after someone saw the video. And now we totally get it. Also Read – BTS: SUGA aka Min Yoongi name surfaces in the Philippines Bar Exam question paper; ARMY feels the iconic line came true

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The music video has been shot in Bangkok, Thailand with a huge crew. It has action, adventure and Min Yoongi aka SUGA just unleashes his swag. The other song like Amydgla, Snooze is also getting a lot of love. The styling is spot on for the video. But we must say that we want to see BTS SUGA aka Min Yoongi at least in a cameo in a K-Drama or film after this. He is just too good to be ignored. Also Read – BTS Suga aka birthday boy Min Yoongi being the best Hyung to the boys is too wholesome [videos]

BTS fans just cannot get over his villain avatar. And we do not blame them. Whether it is That That or Daechwita, he is the king of music videos in BTS. Take a look at the tweets…

The song and album are surely making a lot of noise right now. BTS member Jimin’s songs did well on the charts. Let us see how D DAY scores with the fans and neutral audience.

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