Burger King’s ‘Whopper Whopper’ Song Is Now On Spotify

Not to sound 10,000 years old, but you don’t hear songs as ringtones out in the wild anymore. People either keep their phone on silent, or vibrate, or stick with the default ringtone. This is a net positive, all things considered, but I sometimes miss the days when “The Final Countdown” or “So Fresh, So Clean” would alert the stranger waiting in line in front of you at the grocery that their doctor is calling with News.

Like everything else from the 2000s, songs as ringtones are due for a comeback — and when that happens, you’ll be haunted by “Whopper Whopper” when you least expect it.

Burger King has released the catchy (maddeningly so) song on Spotify. If you’ve watched any NFL game this season, you already know it. For everyone else, I’m sorry. In my defense: Whopper Whopper Whopper Whopper, you rule! The fast food chain’s Spotify page also includes “Burger Cheese, Burger Cheese,” as well as a six-track EP of jingles like “Chicken Chicken” and “Crispy Fella.” Good luck to your Spotify Wrapped.

Burger King is on the joke. “When I wrote to the fast-food company to request an interview about the origins and evolution of this hit jingle, several days later I finally got a reply,” Catherine Rampell wrote in an op-ed for the Washington Post. “It was a link to yet another reprise: ‘Burger-cheese, burger-cheese, burger-cheeeese…’ (‘I think you just got rick-rolled,’ said the unsympathetic editor who urged me to write this piece.)”

Burger King isn’t expected to have a Super Bowl ad. Or maybe “Whopper Whopper” will strike when we least expect it. Like at the State of the Union.

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