Can the iPhone 15 Pro Max beat the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra? Experts believe it can

Now that the iPhone 15 series is out, the obvious thought in many people’s minds is whether it is a better proposition than the Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup that was released earlier this year. And considering the next Samsung event is likely to be in January or February 2024, many also wonder what will the S24 lineup bring to compete with the iPhones. The Apple vs. Samsung rivalry goes way back and the fans on the respective sides never hesitate to hail their side as the one with the best smartphone in the world. But that often does not tell us the truth from a neutral and objective perspective. While the iPhone 15 lineup has not even opened for pre-orders, it will be a while before people can test it out against the Samsung counterpart to really know the truth, but that does not mean that experts have not built up an opinion. Let us take a look.

iPhone 15 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

We, at HT Tech, spoke with a couple of tech content creators, who gave us their opinions on this debate. They were asked whether they thought the iPhone 15 lineup could take on the Galaxy S23 series or even the Galaxy S24 series. Also, Catch all the iPhone 15 Live Updates here.

Mayookh Mitra (Gadget World), a tech content creator on YouTube said, “I am confident that the new iPhone 15 Pro Max will go head to head with or even beat the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. But as expected from newer Samsung flagship devices, the new S24 Ultra will outperform the iPhone 15 Pro Max. So yes, it’s a continuous cycle. The newer flagship will always outperform the other brand’s last flagship until the latter brand launches its new offering”.

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While Mitra believes in the cycle of continuity when it comes to these two brands, Ustav Techie, who is also a tech content creator on YouTube, remains cautiously optimistic. He said, “Surely, the iPhone 15 Pro and its competitors will compete with the S24 lineup, but we need to see if it justifies its higher price tag”.

So, what’s our take on the matter? We believe that the iPhone 15 Pro Max can get a big advantage in terms of performance owing to the 3-nanometer A17 Pro chipset, which offers a much more powerful computational performance, at least that’s what the company said at the Apple event. But the extent of it is not something that we can say before the smartphone hits the market. In terms of overall value, we will only be able to tell after we review the smartphone. So, you should stay tuned for that.

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