CANCER CHRIST Streams Insane, Furious Video For “The Blood Of Jesus”

Cancer Christ is here to either save you or completely annihilate your physical being – we’re not sure which. Either way, Cancer Christ is now streaming “The Blood Of Jesus” filmed during a show i nan abandoned church in Los Angeles, CA on the band’s Cleansing Of The City of Angels 2022 Tour. It’s fucking insane.

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Get Cancer Christ‘s debut 7″ here and a body pillow of the band’s frontman here.

“Filmed in one night at the greatest DIY venue in Los Angeles (which shall not be named) by cinematographer / director / editor Mike Manasewitsch, ‘The Blood of Jesus’ asks and answers the age-old question of, ‘What is life? What am I here for?’” reads the description of the song and video.

“Fake Christians and politicians would tell you that you must tithe to the church and give your life savings to the pedophile preachers and hateful republicans of America so that they can remodel their mega mansions and pass laws on limited rights for gays and minorities… Cancer Christ is here to tell you that you’ve been put here to spread love through BEING YOURSELF…

“The band plays their own unique gospel of hardcore, noise, and metal. (They call it ‘REPTILIAN CHRISTIAN POWER VIOLENCE’…)

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“Saint Anthony and The Snake People have been setting fire to the state of California for just over a year. Now they’re arming themselves for countless holy battles across the entire planet. Keep an eye out because they’re coming to your city in the near future. You’ve been warned, Cancer Christ is coming to baptize your children in the blood…”

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