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The Voorhees Art Commission is excited to present “Classics by Candlelight” May 6.

 “Classics by Candlelight” is a candlelight concert featuring the South Garden Strings, a New Jersey classical and pop string quartet. The event’s music selection for the night will include both classical and contemporary genres, ensuring that “there is something for everyone.”

Gabrielle Horvitz, the event’s producer and a member of the Voorhees Art Commission advisory board is excited for the unique event to come together, hoping that it highlights the many musicians in South Jersey and provides the community with a professional concert experience without having to travel into the city.

“The night will have a wonderful ambiance and the string quartet will be performing classical standard (songs) that everyone has heard in movies then also pop songs that are on the radio right now,” Horvitz said.

The quartet’s violinist, Jaress Laroo, was concertmaster with a California-based pop orchestra and now serves as concertmaster with the South Jersey Pops. The musical selections for the event will include both classical and contemporary genres, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

“(Laroo) is based in South Jersey. He is now the concertmaster for the South Jersey Pops and got a group together that performs at a ton of venues. We heard them and thought they were wonderful so it gave me this idea and I have been to fun events like this…I thought it would be great to bring to the community,” Horvitz said.

The Voorhees Arts Commission is dedicated to making culture and creativity essential parts of the Township’s strategy for revitalizing  as community, improving arts education, and promoting economic development. The Commission has partnered with both for-profit and nonprofit organizations to accomplish this goal. As such, the “Classics by Candlelight” event is an opportunity to support the arts in Voorhees and the surrounding communities.

All ticket proceeds will go back to the township and back to the Voorhees Art Commission. The art commission is an extension of the Township, allocating a certain amount of money each year. This event is not raising money for anything specifically but is aimed at creating a flourishing arts community within Voorhees. 

Tickets are currently on sale for $25 a person with a discounted price of $40 per couple that registers. Visit the eventbrite page for more information and go to the Voorhees Township web page to support the Art commission. .

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