Cassidy Would Never Battle Meek Mill Because He ‘Ain’t Battle Rap’

Cassidy has said he would never battle Meek Mill — but his reasoning for not wanting to battle the “Bugatti” rapper isn’t because of their past beef.

In a new interview published on Sunday (April 23), the North Philadelphia native said his fellow Philadelphian deserves his props, but that he’s not a battle rapper by trade.

“Salute to Meek, but, he ain’t battle rap,” he said to Vlad TV. “Like, maybe he battled back in the day to try to get on, like to try to get people familiar with what he do. There’s a bunch of people that did that. But still, they wouldn’t consider themselves battle rappers.”

He continued: “Maybe that’s the cloth he was cut from back then, but it’s been so much time, and him doing other shit, and on music, and then a different bag, that I’m not even sure if he’s interested in battle rapping. … We kinda already had our own little battle, but I’m not interested in battling nobody. Long as the business is right, they could pick whoever I battle.”

Cassidy may not be interested in battling Meek Mill, but he definitely has his preferences when it comes to rappers.

Appearing on The Bootleg Kev Podcast earlier this month, the Philly rapper was asked to name his Top 5 punchline rappers — not including himself. Without hesitation, he listed Lord Finesse, Big L, Canibus, Big Daddy Kane, and Kool G Rap. “I named dudes that kinda came before me, that was my inspiration,” he said.

Using their inspiration to fuel him, the rapper feels that he’s been able to elevate the art form to a new level. “You never heard a artist doing it like back-to-back, line after line, after line, before you can dissect,” he said.

“Before you could dissect one punchline, you already getting into another one and they connect. Like they never really seen rappers doing that. My inspiration is what inspired me to want to create that style.”

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But, perhaps most surprisingly, Cassidy also recently revealed that he once tried to sign Meek Mill, but that the “Dreams and Nightmares” rapper rejected the offer.

In a recent interview with the African Cultural Art Forum (ACAF), the Philly native talked about a number of topics involving his career and the music industry. During one part of the conversation, Cassidy made the shocking revelation that at one point he tried to sign Meek Mill.

Cass, however, said he wasn’t in the “best position” to offer the Dream Chasers boss what he needed. Despite offering his fellow Philly the chance to go independent through a distribution deal, Meek declined.

“It wasn’t like I was super connected to the machine,” he said. “I was moving towards the independent direction. So I was offering him distribution, but more in like an independent way, [however] maybe he wanted to be more on the major side.”

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