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City Girls’ JT Uber Driver Raps Young Dolph Word For Word

City GirlsJT has met an undercover fan of the late Young Dolph during an Uber ride, with her driver rapping along with a classic track from the Memphis rapper.

TMZ reported that the Miami rap star was not only given a ride, but also a free show by her rideshare driver. In the footage, the driver, reportedly named “Ern,” can be seen rapping along word-for-word to Young Dolph’s classic track “Preach” from his 2014 album, Cross Country Trappin.

“Zay got the motherfuckin’ bass thumpin’/Dolph got the motherfuckin’ trap jumpin’,” the late Dolph raps. “Doors to the trap open, I’ll sell you something (What you want?)/Hell nah, don’t ask, I ain’t frontin’ nothing/I fucked your bitch, then told her, ‘I’ll see you around.’”

The rapper was shot and killed in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee in November 2021. He was 36 years old.

In other JT-related news, the “Act Up” rapper found herself on the wrong side Finesse2Tymes, who threatened her after she called him “ugly” on social media.

The spat started after JT’s boyfriend, Lil Uzi Vert, responded to the backlash over their new alter ego, Leslie, whose gender-fluid appearance and mannerisms have divided fans.

City Girls’ JT Snaps Over Lil Uzi Vert Bride Of Chucky Slander: ‘Get Off His Dick’

In the comments section of The Shade Room‘s post about Uzi, users tagged JT and claimed she was “taking City Girls down” by the androgynous rapper. After briefly checking out one commenter’s Instagram page, JT clapped back on Thursday (April 20) by writing: “ugly baby and dead father.”

In response to another Instagram user who suggested she crossed the line by mocking the woman’s child and deceased parent, the “Act Up” hitmaker doubled down by comparing the baby to Finesse2Tymes.

“That baby looks like finesse 2 x’s,” she wrote. “Please leave me alone. I’m not bothering no one.”

In another comment, she defended her actions by writing: “I don’t have to be nice to ppl who’s not nice to me!”

Finesse2Tymes later fired back at JT on his Instagram Stories, refuting her suggestion that he wasn’t blessed with good looks.

“Aye, JT, what you talking about ugly?” he said in a video. “Oooh, word? What you talking about ugly? Oooh, how you say it? City Girls just went down.”

He then threatened the Miami native, writing in a separate Story: “Guess she mad cause I said I can’t do nun wit no skinny ho. Just don’t know, I’ll throw u in the air and ‘BREAK U’ before u hit the ground.”

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