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Stephen Sondheim’s classic tale, “A Little Night Music,” is playing at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts after months of rehearsals. The talented cast is now wowing audiences through their talent and the costumes and designs of the stage. 

“This is a dream job for any actor, to be part of a Stephen Sondheim show,” said Edward Staudenmayer, an actor in the show. 

Staudenmayer and his peers are now living out that dream on stage at the Wolf Theatre. Cast members like Soara-Joye Ross said the show is a classic to not only act in, but to see live on stage from the audience perspective. 

“I absolutely love this piece. It is a masterpiece,” Ross said. “It is a musical comedy, there is silliness and laugh out loud moments. Also, there are some moments where people will be so full of emotion, hope and sadness that they will indeed need a tissue.”


The cast said, after many weeks of auditions and rehearsals, it is nice to hear audiences respond to their comedy, dancing and voices. 

The show, which runs nearly three hours, transports audiences back into time. The musical takes place in Sweden in the early 1900s. Ross said set and costume designers did an incredible job making ticket buyers feel like they were immersed in that setting. 

“With gorgeous corsets, gowns and tuxedos,” Ross said. 

At its core the tale is about love, and all forms of it, according to the cast. 


“We are all human. We all fall in love and out of love, and are foolishly in love and out of love,” Ross said. 

The cast promised anyone who attends the musical will be able to connect with at least one story of love, no matter their background or experience with it. 

“(Characters experience) trying to get back love. Reunited love. Unrequited love,” Ross said. “It is about following your heart, ultimately.”  


Tickets for the show start at just $30. Staudenmayer said anyone who buys a ticket is promised to enjoy not only the incredible music, but the stories intertwined. 

“We see people with tears streaming down their faces. I think we are hitting the mark,” Staudenmayer said. 

A Little Night Music plays the Wolf Theatre through Oct. 8 and tickets can be purchased at: https://bit.ly/3LkWQo7 

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