Destiny 2 needs to stop hiding behind a paywall


Bungie has announced a price increase for Destiny 2’s stand-alone seasonal pass, which grants players access to story content and limited-time activities every three months and the season pass rank bundles. 

Bungie has decided to raise the price for Destiny 2 by 20% for the next few seasons, which is 1,000 Silver to 1,200 Silver (an in-game currency bought with real money) or $10 to $12 per season. At the same time, the season pass rank bundles are getting a 10% increase, 2,000 to 2,200 Silver ($20 to $22), according to Bungie’s blog post (opens in new tab). The rank bundles are best used to speed up the process of maxing out each season’s loot progress, so it makes sense that they are a much sought-after commodity. 


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