Distracted by background apps? Boost your productivity with Freedom app

Are you also distracted while working or studying because of background apps and other online activities? In today’s fast-paced world, staying focused on tasks can be challenging due to constant digital distractions. Continuous distractions can affect your work and may lead you to procrastinate and eventually degrade your productivity. There are various apps available with the help of which you can block distractions and Freedom app is one of them. The Freedom app offers a solution to regain control of your attention and boost productivity.

Freedom is a productivity tool designed to avoid distractions by blocking distracting apps and websites while you work. The features of this app consist of a productivity timer with custom block lists which will help you to stay on track and minimize distractions.

Using Freedom to Boost Productivity:

Background Functionality: Freedom operates in the background, indicated by an icon near the taskbar or menu bar. The app’s settings and controls are managed through the dashboard in your browser.

Creating Custom Block Lists: The core feature of Freedom is the ability to create custom block lists for different work sessions. These lists can be tailored to block specific apps and websites that are potential sources of distraction.

Starting a Session: Once you’ve configured your block lists, start a session using the built-in timer. The block lists will activate, ensuring that you’re shielded from distractions during your focused work time.

By consistently using Freedom to eliminate distractions, you’ll gradually build self-discipline. This disciplined approach helps you accomplish more tasks within a given timeframe. Through using Freedom, you’ll become aware of how much time you used to spend on unproductive things. This realization will motivate you to stay focused.

Subscription Plans and Benefits:

Free Trial: Freedom provides a free trial with seven blocking sessions. No credit card information is required for this trial. In the trial period, you can evaluate the app’s effectiveness.

Subscription Options: If you find Freedom beneficial, you can subscribe to a monthly plan at $8.99/month or an annual plan at $39.99/year. The yearly plan offers significant savings, costing approximately $3.33 per month. The premium version unlocks additional features such as unlimited device usage, recurring sessions, advanced scheduling, and access to focus music to enhance concentration.

Whether you’re a student, or professional and are striving for enhanced productivity, Freedom can be the perfect tool.

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