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Drag queen pokes fun at anti-trans protester Posie Parker during lip-sync battle

A Sydney drag queen has mocked an anti-trans protester who had tomato sauce thrown over her by activists at a rally in New Zealand.

About 2000 counter-protesters turned up at Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull aka Posie Parker’s event in Auckland last weekend with photographs showing a chaotic clash between the two crowds.

Parker had eggs thrown at her and was sprayed with tomato sauce during the ordeal.

She was forced to cut the event short and was escorted away by police.

The scenes sparked headlines across the globe and now drag queen Barbi Ganoush has dedicated a performance to her as well.

Camera IconDrag queen Barbi Ganoush dressed as Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull aka Posie Parker. Instagram Credit: NCA NewsWire

Ms Ganoush lip-synched to Anastacia’s 00s pop hit “Left Outside Alone” while wearing a hot Pink power suit synonymous with the colourful attire the British protester has worn to recent events across Australia and New Zealand.

Camera IconShe is sprayed with tomato sauce by audience members. Instagram Credit: NCA NewsWire
Camera IconThe drag queen wore a shirt with the words ‘adult human drag queen’ emblazoned in diamantes. Instagram Credit: NCA NewsWire

Her iconic coiffured blonde up-do was a starring feature of Ganoush’s interpretation of the pro-woman activist.

She wore a Pink shirt with the words “ADULT HUMAN DRAG QUEEN” stitched across her chest in diamantés – a combination of two shirts previously worn by Posie featuring the words “WOMAN” on them.

Members of the audience were handed bottles of tomato sauce to spray onto Ganoush as she belted out the emotional lyrics.

“And I wonder if you know how it really feels, To be left outside alone when it’s cold out here,” she lip-synched from the stage of Oxford street club Ching-a-lings.

“Well, maybe you should know just how it feels, To be left outside alone.”

Why is she getting parodied?

The British public speaker has long-stirred controversy for her trans-exclusionary campaigns for women’s rights.

She first stirred controversy during her recent tour of Australia and New Zealand when a rally was attended by a group of neo-Nazis, who performed a salute on the steps of Victorian parliament.

Camera IconPosie Parker has attracted widespread criticism and controversy since her arrival in the southern hemisphere. NCA NewsWire / David Crosling Credit: News Corp Australia

A protest held on the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra attracted attention when controversial senator Lidia Thorpe crashed the stage saying: “You are not welcome here”.

Her trip to New Zealand was almost cancelled after LGBTQIA+ rights campaigners pushed for New Zealand’s immigration authorities to deny her entry to the country over fears she would become a threat to public order.

The High Court however, ruled that her entry to the country was lawful.

Her event in Wellington was cancelled after hectic scenes in Auckland, and she left the country soon after.

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