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Tell us about yourself….
I am Benjamin Opus, alias The Rap Emorimor. My stage name ideally stands for royalty, the attitude of winning and living life in abundance. 
I am an artiste, freelance journalist and political leader of the youth in Kumi Municipality. I am an Etesot from Tank Village in Kumi District.

When did you start rapping?
I discovered myself when I was 12 years old. I took on making music as a profession in 2012. During my Senior Six vacation, I worked at a job from which I saved some money. 
Then, I used the savings to record my first song at Gold Track Entertainment, which is a gospel record label.

What was your early childhood like?
I attended Katwe Primary School in 1998, Nkumba Primary School,  Wakiso and Joy Christian Primary School, Kumi District. I later joined Jinja College and Ntinda View College for secondary education.
 I completed my studies at Uganda Christian University, Mukono where I pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication.

 What inspired you?
I used to watch documentaries of Lil Bow Wow’s album named Be Aware of Dogs. Watching the young rapper become famous at the age of six inspired me to become an entertainer. Since then, I have believed in dreams.
 What time do you wake up?
I wake up at 7am. 
And what do you do first? 
I pray and listen to music for the day’s inspiration. Then, I do 50 pushups and 50 sit-ups.

 How many songs do you have?
I have about 25 singles and collaborations with Ruyonga featuring in the Real God, Pryce Teeba featuring in I ain’t come for free, and my most popular is Ijo Bon as the first rap song to sell in eastern Uganda.

 How do you balance music and your personal life?
I have a busy life because I have three professions which I am passionate about. I am a politician (representative of the youth in the urban council of Kumi Municipality), a journalist (editor at the Eastern Flyer) and a musician.
But, I attend the studio at least once every week and release a song for my followers at least once every six months.

 What are some of your achievements?
I have had successful concerts in eastern Uganda, mentored artistes and performed at festivals such as Bayimba Festival. 
I also consider my political tenure an achievement of my music career because it is my popularity as a musician in my constituency which gave me political mileage over my opponents.

 What challenges have you encountered?
It is hard to find a talent manager in this country. 
If I had a record label such as Swangz Avenue willing to manage my talent, I would be able to hit the global scene because I am that skilled.
 Do you read…If so, which book are you currently reading?
Yes, I read. Right now I am concentrating on reading the Local Government Act in order to understand the law in relation to youth policy. 

I have also read The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud, Reposition Yourself by Bishop TD Jakes to mention but a few.
 Who is your favourite Ugandan artiste and why?
I love Naava Grey because she pays attention to her professional ethics when making her music. 
She does not just make music for the drunk head but for the listening ear. That alone inspires me.

 What issues have you resolved using art in solving societal issues?
We have toured schools to teach children about HIV/ Aids awareness through music and poetry.
 What is your favourite hangout?
Any place with happy people. I do not love dull environments.
 What is your favourite drink?
Sky Wine. My own product which I believe is the next big thing.

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