Eclectic musical duo Cricket and Snail has performed from Knoxville to Prague – Knoxville News Sentinel

On the outskirts of the historic city of Prague in the Czech Republic, the sounds of a violin playing alongside an accordion reverberate off the crystal waters of lake Podleský Ribník. Jutting out into the lake lies MoLo Bar, floating atop a small pier where locals can grab drinks and sit at the docks to watch the setting sun, trailway bikers and wakeboarders across the lake. As they sit, many say the violin and accordion players’ musical tones ease the audience’s weary minds.

This is Jim and Lucie Carlson, a husband-and-wife eclectic musical duo that began in an unlikely place – Knoxville, Tennessee – compared to where they are now.

A love for all things music brought Lucie and Jim together after a friend prompted Jim to see one of Lucie’s violin recitals at the Oak Ridge Unitarian Universalist Church in 2008.

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