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Loyle Carner’s electric performance left listeners wanting more, and easily delivered a stellar weekend highlight.

As last minute festival act announcements go, [/caption]https://www.hotpress.com/search/Loyle%20carner”>Loyle Carner was truly the best addition to the stacked lineup this year at Electric Picnic.

Tonight’s accomplished gig winds its way angrily, thoughtfully and tunefully through Loyle’s inner thoughts, taking in vast swathes of adjacent emotional territory – racism, men expressing their feelings, and Loyle’s experience the father-son relationship. Truly one of the most cherishable things about the British-Guyanese rapper is can eloquently dissect subjects that others swerve while appealing to a mainstream audience.

Loyle Carner at Electric Picnic 2023. Photos by Abigail Ring/Hot Press

This seems to have been the natural progression of UK rap aswell. Rising and established stars from Dave to Headie One have paved the way alongside Loyle to mainstream the allowance of men to foreground not just their traumatic stories but their patchy mental health, and its ongoing impact on their relationships. Even British rap icon Stormzy built his career on a platform of emotional and sociological literacy established by MCs such as Kano.

Dissociated elements of jazz trickle through the songs without dominating them as Loyle Carner kicks off, moving quickly through energetic versions of ‘These Days’ and ‘Angel’ (The latter dedicated to musician Tom Misch, one of Loyle Carner’s “sexiest friends”).

Loyle announced that the Rankin’s Wood performance was his last show of the summer, and therappermade sure to lift the spirits of everyone in attendance before the sun set. After a moving cover of his classic ‘Still’, where the crowd (Hot Press reviewers included) loyally screamed “STILL” at the end of each line, Loyle revealed the song was his favourite.

Loyle Carner at Electric Picnic 2023. Photos by Abigail Ring/Hot Press

The open man that he is, Loyle took time to explain that he was initally scared to release the song, which examines who he is as a person and how is is unsure how to progress in life. The song, according to Loyle, comes from his experience of toxic masculinity, which would put him down and leave him unable to process his deeper thoughts.

“FUCK TOXIC MASCULINITY THOUGH” screamed the rapper to thunderous cheers of agreement from the crowd. “I’m not putting any of that on my son” he continued, showing in two lines his appeal to a generation of lost and apathetic young men. “And fuck the tories too!”

Covering his latest song ‘Les Oiseaux’ before treating us to a medley of hits from his three stellar albums, Loyle rounded out the night with impressive back-to back performances, making the most of his hour slot with classic fan favourites and a ‘Loose Ends’ rendition dedicated to Jorja Smith.

Loyle Carner at Electric Picnic 2023. Photos by Abigail Ring/Hot Press

The night ends with a message of peace and love, as we’re told to “take these words and go forwards”. The concert finishes there, but the memory of the night lingers on as the audience ponders his lucid lyricism and delivery. 

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