Ex-Psychic Sounds Alarm: Bizarre Ouija Board-Like Tool Pledges to Connect People to Holy Spirit, Jesus

A new “talking board” has sparked a litany of headlines and warnings from faith leaders. Such occultic tools — the most prominent of which is the Ouija board — are used by some to try and summon the dead.

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Many believe these boards are mere fun and games, but Christian experts like ex-psychic Jenn Nizza warn of the spiritual dangers implicit in playing with the Ouija board and other tools like it.

The new talking board, though, is even more disturbing, as it promises something different: it pledges to connect Christians to the Holy Spirit and Jesus.

While it’s unclear whether the board is an elaborate effort to troll Christians or a ploy to jump on the Ouija bandwagon to bring in cash, Nizza believes there are reasons to be alert and concerned, sounding the alarm more generally on any attempt to communicate with spirits through boards or other devices.

“When [the new board] was brought to my attention, I was brokenhearted, of course,” Nizza told “Billy Hallowell’s Playing With Fire Podcast.” “I felt I immediately needed to sound the alarm on the actual danger of this product, because, although it’s marketed as a joke and a game just like the Ouija board is … it’s not at all a game or joke.”

Listen to Nizza share the dangers of divination:

Nizza, who spent decades embroiled in the occult before finding Jesus, said such talking boards are “demonic” and added, “People need to know the truth.”

“A Ouija board or a spirit board is a tool of divination, which is a way to access information supernaturally outside of God’s will, outside of God’s boundaries,” Nizza said, adding “[God’s] super clear in His Word to avoid such tools and practices.”

The ex-medium said these boards are a form of “automatic writing,” a practice she often used in her own past work as a psychic. It’s a method in which Nizza said the demonic realm provides messages to and through people.

When it comes to a Ouija board or other talking boards, the users place their hands over something called a “planchette,” a device that moves across the board.

This device then purportedly pushes around the board and spells out messages. While many play with these boards for the thrill, Nizza said it’s actually a practice of “invoking demons.”

“That’s what you’re doing, because you are looking for something,” she said. “You may think you’re kidding around or it’s a joke. You’re asking questions, you’re looking for information.”

Nizza added, “And because it’s demonic, the demons will show up … entities will be there and start moving things around and providing some information.”

As a former psychic, Nizza shared her own horror in coming to Christ and realizing the practices she had embraced for so long were actually flirtations with real-life evil.

She was “shocked” and horrified she “fell for that deception” for so long.

“When Christ set me free … I found out the evil nature of what was happening and that I was communicating with demons on a regular basis that [were] evil [and] destroying my life,” Nizza said. “There was so much demonic oppression in my life.”

In the end, though, Nizza found true freedom in Christ.

As for the new talking board promising to get messages from Jesus and the Holy Spirit — a product that seems to purportedly mock talking boards in its advertising — Nizza warned against its use, and spoke more broadly about why she believes the Ouija board and other tools are raging in use and prominence.

“It’s being glamorized in Hollywood, it’s being glamorized in social media,” she said. “It’s at a time, I think, in our world where there’s so much anxiety, there’s so many things going on in the world, and it’s so accessible.”

With struggles, worries, and grief gripping so many, Nizza said these boards make people feel like they can take back control or get quick answers to their problems. Tragically, she said witchcraft can “look appealing” while unfortunately taking people down a dark path.

“They need the Lord Jesus to fulfill all of those things that they’re going through in their life,” she said.

Nizza highlighted Deuteronomy 18:10-12 (NIV) as just one of the areas in Scripture where the use of these tools is precluded.

“Let no one be found among you who sacrifices their son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead,” verses 10-11 read, with verse 12 continuing, “Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord; because of these same detestable practices the Lord your God will drive out those nations before you.”

Nizza concluded by warning about the “spiritual ignorance” among those who deny the existence and presence of biblical evil today. Listen for the full conversation.

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