Ex-US presidential bodyguard protects Prince Harry as royal flies into Germany for opening of Invictus Games – Daily Mail

Former US presidential bodyguard Chris Sanchez is once again putting himself in the line of fire protecting Prince Harry in Germany.

The former Secret Service agent arrived with Harry on a British Airways flight from London and was in the front of a car that sped him to his luxury hotel in Dusseldorf.

He was pictured by Harry’s side as they left the airport after being escorted from the BA plane and into a waiting car.

Since quitting royal life Texas born Sanchez has been the principal bodyguard for Harry and Meghan and accompanies them on all their trips abroad and in the US.

He is employed through his Houston based private security company called Touchstone Global offering business leaders and other VIPs close protection.

Chris Sanchez – wearing the white shirt and black suit – is accompanying Harry and Meghan on their trip to Dusseldorf for this year’s Invictus Games
Sanchez – with his hand on the car door – is an ex-US Secret Service agent, seen here protecting Barack Obama in Moneygall, Ireland, in 2011
Mr Sanchez has previously revealed he was inspired to become a bodyguard after watching Clint Eastwood film In The Line Of Fire (pictured)
Sanchez spent five years as part of the US Secret Service, spending two-and-a-half years each with Barack Obama and George W Bush
He is now the principal bodyguard for Harry and Meghan, first seen shadowing the couple at the Invictus Games at The Hague in the Netherlands in 2022 after ‘Megxit’

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The powerfully built bodyguard has previously revealed he was inspired to join the Secret Service after watching the Clint Eastwood film ‘In the Line of Fire’.

In an interview he said: ‘I was enamoured with the whole secret service mantra and the mystique of the secret service’.

During a 14-year career he became part of the protection detail for President George W Bush and Barack Obama.

Sanchez was first spotted with the couple when they attended the Invictus Games in The Hague, Netherlands, last year, their first joint overseas trip since ‘Megxit’ when they chose to leave royal duties for a life for California.

The burly ex-police officer mostly followed Meghan when she went on a walkabout at the venue.

He was always one step behind the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and gave orders to other members of the security detail who accompanied the pair.

Sanchez was also by the couple’s side when they were involved in what their spokesman called a ‘near catastrophic chase during a visit to New York in May.

The couple’s spokesman claimed a pursuit by paparazzi photographers as they left the Ziegfield Theatre in New York City had endangered the lives of others and said they were involved in a high speed ‘relentless’ chase around the streets of Manhattan.

The Sussex’s version of events was called into question by police who simply said their trip back to their private accommodation had been ‘challenging’ but said no arrests were made.

A US based photographic agency denied that their staff had caused problems for the couple.

Mr Sanchez watches on as Harry and Meghan are greeted by a fan with a cuddly toy
The Duchess of Sussex, wearing a pinstripe jacket, is shadowed by Mr Sanchez last year
Prince Harry – in the rear passenger-side seat of the Range Rover – arrives at his hotel in Dusseldorf on Friday
A visible police presence has been established in the area surrounding the Hyatt Regency hotel – the foremost building on the right – for the prince’s arrival

Sanchez will accompany the Prince when he carries out his first official engagement of the Invictus Games later today.

He is to meet the Mayor of Dusseldorf at the city’s Town Hall and sign a Golden Book which is reserved for VIP visitors.

Harry will later travel three miles to the Merkur Spiel-Arena when he will formally open the Games in front of the 500 competitors, friends and family.

Harry is scheduled to speak for seven minutes as he salutes the athletes from 21 nations.

The biggest cheer of the night is likely to be for the Ukrainian team with organisers saying they expect ‘goosebumps’ when they make their entrance.

Grammy award winning rapper Macklemore will perform at the end of the ceremony which will also features speeches from the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the Mayor of Dusseldorf Dr Stephan Keller.

Over 100,000 visitors are expected to attend the week long games involving wounded and disabled military veterans as well as serving personnel.

Harry will later take part in the German version of ‘Match of the Day’ where he will talk to the show’s hosts about the Invictus Games.

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